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July 27, 2016  
What’s up nerds?
This week it’s all about Comic-Con, and we're only covering the dankest nuggs. Join the boys as they cover the MCU and Marvel Netflix/TV news, Kurt Russell going intergalactic planetary as EGO the living planet aka Star-Lord 's papa *spoiler* in the new Guardians movie, an armored Hulk in Thor 3 and why Matt is convinced it won't actually happen, Wonder Woman's got the best costume in the DCU, the Justice League footage, the DCTVU, a buttload of trailers and it's up to Aaron to tell Matt that Morrissey did not play the Governor in The Walking Dead. #MoreThanOneMorrissey
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June 14, 2016  
What's up nerds?
This week we sit down and talk Game of Thrones (Season 6 Episode 9, No One), further news on the Friday the 13th sequel/reboot, why Pam Beesly and Dennis Reynolds should be BFFs, we watch a few trailers and find out about Elijah Wood's greatest movie role since LOTR. #SpaghettiAndTits 

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